Septic system pipe repair can be necessary from time to time. Here at Superior Septic we have worked hard so that whatever emergency may arise we are ready and willing to deal with it!

Septic System Pipe Repair

Many older homes deal with collapsed, separated, or otherwise broken lines. In the past terra-cotta, wrought iron, and orangeburg asphalt fiber have all been popular choices for pipe material. These materials can be problematic as they tend to become brittle and break. Pressure from vehicles or heavy farm machinery driven or parked over these pipes can also cause them to collapse. Modern houses are not exempt from pipe collapse either, many times thin walled, Schedule 10 PVC is used for these tanks, over time it too can become brittle.

Improperly installed piping can also contribute to clogs and failures. Improperly vetted pipes can sag or dip creating a trap holding water and catching solids, leading to clogged pipes.

Consider a Clean Out

If you find yourself replacing septic lines you may want to consider installing a clean out port. These ports are usually installed near the home. Plumbing snakes can then be easily inserted to clear out clogs that may occur between the home and the tank. With a port in place future clogs will be easier and less costly to deal with. Disturbance to landscaping will also be minimized. Clean out ports make simple clogs simpler.

Septic System Pipe Connections need Repair Too!

Pipes can separate at any connection point no matter what material is used. The T at the septic entrance can be another problem area for breakage due to material, clogs, or age. Cast iron fittings at this point are particularly prone to clogs due to corrosion.

These are just a few of reasons septic system pipe replacement may be necessary. If you’re experiencing any problems give us a call! We have the knowledge and equipment to keep your septic system working smoothly and effectively.