Septic Tank Locating can be a a troublesome issue from time to time. If you’re having trouble finding your septic tank know that you aren’t alone. Many homeowners are unaware of exactly where their septic tank is situated on their property.

Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are!

Many septic systems have a small white PVC pipe that comes to ground level and is intended to aid inspection. The door to the septic tank is usually located within six inches of this pipe. The bad news is that this pipe isn’t always present. Most older systems do not have one.

If you have a general idea of where your tank is located you can always use a metal rod and probe the ground until you hit the lid. Generally, septic tanks are positioned to be from twelve to eighteen inches below surface level. Indentations in surface level can sometimes indicate septic components. Probing these areas would be a good starting place.

X Marks The Spot, Septic Locating With a Map

Some septic systems can’t be located using the probing method. Rocky ground is a typical hinderance to this method. Abnormally deep septic tank positioning is also a leading culprit in location difficulties. While it is unusual we have come across tanks that were in excess of six feet deep. If you have been unable to locate the tank on your own you can sometimes contact the Franklin County Health Department and ask for a map of your land. If your septic system has been installed within the last thirty years they may have a record of tank location.

When All Else Fails Call In The Big Guns!

Sometimes even these methods have been known to fail. Some homeowners have been able to locate their tank by running a plumbing snake from plumbing exiting at the house. This can provide clues as to what direction to begin probing.

At times even all of the above methods can still prove fruitless. We offer septic tank locating services using a flushable sonde transmitter and a handheld locator. The locator tracks the sonde through the system, providing a final readout when it reaches the septic tank. The Sonde System is one of our newer toys, and if you’re having trouble locating your tank we’d be happy to provide a helping hand.

Final Warning, Even our Septic Tank Locating Tech has Limitations!

We cannot locate a “mystery” tank once the system is backing up. ¬†When the system is backing up the flushable sonde and/or camera system is unable to reach the tank due to solids back up. If you do not know your tank’s exact location, please, contact us ASAP before it becomes a catastrophic emergency. Once the system is backing up our only option is to dig along the sewer lines until we find the tank. Once this happens it becomes a more serious issue which could take days to fully resolve.