Smith Mountain Lake Septic Pumping required for all systems within 500 foot of water.

Smith Mountain Septic Pumping Keeps Lake Waters Clean

Septic system run-off can be a problem for Smith Mountain Lake. Often when septic systems experience problems sewage back up occurs. This can happen either inside of the home (yuck!), or in the yard (yuck, again!). The problem with yard back up is that it often, in the course of nature, rain, etc., it finds its way into Smith Mountain Lake. This is not something that is done intentionally, many homeowners are not even aware that their systems require regular clean out,  but it is a problem none the less. Properly maintained septic systems are the only line of defense against such problems.

Franklin County’s Smith Mountain Lake

Mandatory Septic Pumping Ordinance

In order to address the issue, in July of 2016 Franklin County passed the County Septic Program Ordinance. This ordinance requires septic cleaning or inspection every 5 years for homes whose system is within 500 foot of water.  New homes are to be registered with the county if their septic system is within this limit. Once registered the county will send out a reminder every five years, stating that your septic system needs to be either pumped out or inspected. Once service has been completed you are required to submit your receipt to Franklin County.

Smith Mountain Lake Septic Pumping vs. Inspection

Franklin County does make provisions for homeowners who’s systems do no require a pumping every five years. Often these are vacation homes or homes that are not occupied consistently throughout the year. The ordinance allows tanks with solid levels are below 33% to turn in an inspection rather than pumpout receipt. We recommend pumping if solids levels are over 20% as it is likely that tank will need to be pumped before the next five year mark, but this is not a hard and fast rule as pumping schedules largely depend on home occupancy numbers and whether it is a full time home or a vacation home.